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MM5.5 Released Modules:
  • Customer Group Track
  • Macro Manager
  • MM5 Wholesale Pricing
  • FExport MM5
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    Modules for MivaMerchant 5.5

    Custom Modules and Applications

    Free Modules

    MivaMerchant Certified Developer

    Certified MivaMerchant Web Developer

    Interactive Design Solutions designs and develops Miva Script applications to specifically fit your needs. Applications or Modules can be integrated into the Miva Merchant Shopping cart system.
    • Custom Scripts and plugin Modules can be taylored to your needs and specifications.
    • There are many functions and features not currently available in Miva Merchant.
    • There are many 3rd party modules and applications that lack the functions and productivity you need to run your online store or ecommerce web site.
    IDS also offers "Sponsored" features and enhancements. You may be licensed to use an IDS module that might need a feature you need or would like to have because it will save you time and money. Just let us know and we'll quote the enhancement for you. Many enhancements we've implemented in our modules pay for themselves very quickly because of the time and or money saved.

    Enter the store now!

    Are you on the right track?
    Announcing: discontinuation of support for MM4/OpenUI modules.
    Prices on ALL MM4 modules are reduced dramatically.
    If you can still use MM4 with OpenUI now is the time to take advantage.
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