BulkOrder Module Demo Page

  • Using this module allows customers to create their order in your store quickly.
  • Products are added using MivaMerchant standard methods.
  • Price Group rules will be followed.
  • Be sure to login first to receive any discounts from having an account.

Using the Demo:

Enter products listed below into the form at lower left.
Please don't complete your order

  • demoprod1,2
  • demoprod2,2
  • demoprod3,2

After clicking on the Submit button, you will see a status message.
Click the Reset button to submit another order.

Add Prouct Code, Quantity:

These descriptions indicate what kind of message you will see

  • demoprod1 is inventory tracked, qty more than 1 will not add prod to the basket
  • demoprod2 has attributes, but none are required
  • demoprod3 has attributes, but are required

Attributes are not supported.
Products with attributes will be add to basket without attribute information.